The Final Result Is Even Better Than We Expected

Sultan Sultan Alajmi

The final result was even better than we expected, and we had expected it to go well. The materials are of high quality, the installation was done on schedule, promptly, and with no complications. They also cleaned up after themselves very well. We were very pleased that our ideas had been so well transformed into glass and chrome. It seems to take so little effort on our part to have them understand what we wanted fabricated and what over all of that we wanted to achieve.

The mirror was far from standard size and shape, a somewhat elongated rectangle with double beveled edge in. Here, again, both the fabrication and installation were first rate. Since the bathroom walls are marble, any mistake on the part of our suppliers could have caused a very big problem. Instead we got excellent results all the way along.

Bob was an excellent person with whom to work, and we recommend him and his staff enthusiastically. Overall rating: A