Frameless Sliding Shower Doors
Frameless sliding shower doors are an emerging European style of unique frameless shower doors that are becoming increasingly popular among leading designers. This type of shower enclosure has one panel that slides on rollers over an architectural bar, and the other panel remains fixed. The main benefit of this type of shower enclosure is to save space taken up by swinging doors and to give a different look than the typical two-panel frameless bypass sliding door.

As is the case with all frameless shower doors, good planning and proper construction is vital to a successful installation. These single panel frameless sliding shower door enclosures can work great, but far too often, the contractor may not fully understand how this type of unit works. If the opening is not built correctly, this type of shower door will not defend water very well. Our shower door experts will work with you, even before construction or remodeling begins, to help you and your contractor construct openings that will work great with frameless shower doors. Westport Glass offers Kansas City’s largest selection of shower door glass ranging from clear to beautiful decorative patterns.

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