COVID-19 Updates

We have been classified as an “Essential Business” on sides of the State Line in Kansas City, since a fully functional shower is imperative to help from becoming infected with COVID-19.

Westport Glass is now offering “Virtual Appointments.”

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These are being done remotely with our shower glass consultants.

Just follow our regular online appointment form, and we will help you with the design process through email and phone contact.


All of us at Westport Glass have the COVID-19 at the forefront of our minds.

We have been running a tight ship with our installing personnel. Each morning they report to work their their temperature is checked, and we look to see if they exhibit any cold symptoms.

If anyone displays signs of fever or cough they are sen hoe until they’re checked out and able to return to work per a doctor’s order. They are given hand sanitizer and sanitizing chemicals to use other areas they work in.

They have been told to practice common sense in keeping these areas safe, and practice regular hand washing and leaning of their work area.

Stay safe, be healthy, and we will defeat this invisible enemy.