Custom Etched Mirrors
Westport Glass & Mirror can create custom-etched designs on any mirror to achieve dazzling beauty and personal touch. Uniquely designed bar mirrors will make a room special and create family unity with a personal design touch. Your company logo engraved onto a piece of mirror will add that extra touch of elegance to your office space or conference room.

Mirrors always create a sense of more space, in addition to reflecting light, making any room feel larger and brighter. Dark rooms often feel small and closed in and will benefit from the addition of a mirror. All of this beautiful work is done in house by our employee artisans, rather than being outsourced to pricey art glass studios, so we keep your projects affordable. Our in-house artisans can etch glass to create one-of-a-kind unique designs to enhance your d├ęcor and truly make a statement!
Let Our Team of Professionals Handle Your Project!